How to Manage a Dental Business Inventory?

Managing dental business inventory doesn’t contain any complex procedures. Using inventory management software for a dental practice, one can easily track the records and manage inventory. Make sure your office adheres to the industry standards for recording and maintaining patient health records. Establish procedures for both clinical and administrative record-keeping and a plan for capturing new patient information.

You would enjoy some beneficial tricks and tips to make dental inventory management easier; keep your practice on track and under control with the following five inventory control management suggestions.

1) Dental inventory management software

In line with the standard dental practice method of maintaining patient health records, it is essential to have a well-organized and easy-to-use dental inventory management computer software program. Some programs allow for ordering of materials and supplies, as well as ordering of parts and materials to be reordered and stock levels being checked. An office calendar or scheduling calendar can be set up to check when the inventory was bought and when will be the following schedule for purchasing new stock. Also, read about Orthodontic Practice Management Software.

2) Learn how to utilize inventory information properly

How to utilize the information contained in the dental supplies inventory software? You will need to create a comprehensive inventory of the dental supplies your practice uses daily. This inventory will include- patient examination materials such as x-rays, gauze, toothbrushes, swabs, pads, gloves, and mouth guards. You will also need to maintain inventories of cosmetic supplies such as toothpaste, mouthwashes, whitening kits, polishes, and cleaning supplies.

3) Manage orders properly

Make sure your inventory software contains provisions for “managing orders” and “customizing orders.” When you place an order with the ordering system, you should have the opportunity to enter information such as the quantity, brand name, unit price, date, time, and name of the customer. If more than one person in your dental practice orders items from the same supplier, enter the information for each person separately. Some systems provide the ability to enter a quantity for a specific brand or type of equipment or material. If there are multiple types of equipment or materials in your inventory, enter the information for each individual item type.

4) Seamless ordering process

Make sure the inventory management software provides an efficient ordering process. Some systems allow the user to enter the date of order, quantity, budget, unit cost, product code, shipping address, and other pertinent data during the ordering process. Most systems have a chart that tracks all of these items during the ordering process. If the system you choose does not have this capability, consider purchasing a dental office inventory list supply provider that can integrate all of the data points from your dental practice into a single source.

5) Automatic order entry

Be sure the ordering process is easy to perform. The more convenient the ordering process, the more business you will receive. Make sure the inventory management software you select includes options such as automatic order entry, bulk pricing, multi-product ordering, invoice factoring, and multiple shipping locations. Many inventory management solutions also offer an expedited production process that allows you to receive new supplies in no time at all if necessary.

If you want to manage dental inventory in a systematic way, the inventory management software is your ideal choice.

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