ATVs vs. UTVs: What’s the Difference?

We often hear terms like ATV and UTV when individuals talk about their 4×4 recreational vehicles. But do these two abbreviations refer to the exact vehicle? What’s the difference between a quad and a quad bike? Although an ATV and a UTV have similar names, their purposes are vastly different. The main difference is that ATVs are made for recreation while UTVs are made for utility purposes.


What exactly is an ATV?

ATVs are made to get from one place to another. They’re designed for off-road driving on messy surfaces, such as mud or sand.
A certain amount of risk is involved when operating an ATV because it has a higher ground clearance and a powerful engine. Also, an ATV can hold up to two people, while a UTV can hold three or even four people. ATVs are also available in both automatic and manual transmission.

What exactly is a UTV?

UTVs, or side-by-sides, generally have less ground clearance than an ATV, and they’re designed to carry people and cargo rather than off-roading. You’ll typically see a UTV on farms, ranches, construction sites, and competitions.
One of the benefits of a UTV is that it has better fuel economy than an ATV and a tighter turning radius. A UTV will always have four wheels, while an ATV can be two or four-wheeled. Also, riders sit in a car-like seat with seat belts in the front and back of a UTV. Best ATV Mud tires are a very specialized rubber.

What are some differences between ATVs and UTVs?

As mentioned earlier, ATVs are designed for off-road purposes, while UTVs are made for utility purposes. An ATV can hold two people, while a UTV can hold up to four people.
A four-stroke engine mainly powers an ATV, but some higher-end models can have two-stroke engines. UTVs are equipped with more powerful four-stroke engines. An ATVs engine is typically located in front of the rider, while an UTVs engine will be placed behind the seat.

What is the price of an ATV vs. UTV?

An ATV can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on its features and quality. UTVs are a little more expensive, starting at around $8,000 going upwards of $20,000 for some models.

What are some common uses for an ATV or a UTV?

An ATV is mainly intended for recreation, while a UTV can be used both recreationally and for utility purposes. A UTV may also have special features such as a winch mounted on the front bumper, making it easier to pull up riders who may have got stuck in mud or snow.
UTVs can also be used for racing purposes, while ATVs are not designed with that in mind. UTVs have a better fuel economy and tighter turning radius, which makes them more valuable on farms, ranches, and construction sites.


In the end, ATVs and UTVs were both created to get from one place to another, but the main difference between them is that ATVs are for recreation while UTVs are made for utility purposes.

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