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Case Study : Claim Jumper

Claim Jumper

Well-Managed Uniform Programs Let Managers Get Back to Work

Claim Jumper saves 10% on program costs

Challenge: Claim Jumper’s uniforms were being sourced from 20 different vendors. Stock was warehoused in multiple locations, including the back of one restaurant and the corporate office. The result was a constant back-log in shipping, inconsistent inventory levels, and frustrated managers.

Solution: We updated Claim Jumper’s uniform program, making it more contemporary and consistent. We also bought out their old inventory and now warehouse and manage the program inventory on a daily basis to ensure availability.

Result: By making the transition to Image Solutions, Claim Jumper saved one full day a month of administrative work. In addition to saving on administrative and shipping costs, Claim Jumper receives customized monthly and quarterly inventory and usage reports.