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Case Study : Albertsons


Reduce Overall Costs

Albertsons saved 11% overall by switching to Image Solutions

Challenge: Albertsons LLC needed to update their uniform image and reduce the overall cost of their program. Specifically, they had a critical need for an affordable moisture-wicking polo shirt that would wear well and support their brand image.

Solution: We worked with Albertsons LLC to create a comprehensive uniform program that would offer quality uniforms at a competitive price. Within one week, our design team sourced a quality polo shirt, made with a superior moisture-wicking material, that could stand up to the wear and tear of daily use. We met Albertsons’ immediate need by supplying the improved polos while transitioning the uniform program to our complete management.

Result: Albertsons LLC saved time and money by consolidating and upgrading their uniform program. Making the switch to a professionally-managed uniform program featuring durable, cost-efficient uniforms helped Albertsons strengthen their brand image. The transition was so seamless that most stores were unaware that their items were coming from a new vendor.